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Ventimiglia it is not only a country, is also the name of the Barons who a lot lustro have given to the history of our island since the 1232 when Enrico Ventimiglia, come down in Sicily in order to marry Elisabetta, daughter of Adoini, Longobardo knight.

Ventimiglia di Sicilia

Direct descendant of Enrico, Donna was just one Beatrice Ventimiglia of the Caretto, than in the 1627, authorized from Filippo II, king of Spain, popolò the ancient one feudo of Calamigna and imposed to those lands the name of Ventimiglia. This laughing city that tos be distant approximately 20 km from the sea is encircled from sweet and generous hills on which they come cultivated from centuries the ulivi of the variety, " Biancolilla ". The Company Agrobiologica Manzella and been born Iannello and with the same foundation of Ventimiglia; a grandfather of the Manzella family, had entrusted one contrada overhanging the old village directly from Donna Beatrice with the task to develop just the culture of the ulivo. It was far away the 1633, and from then the Company he has increased itself to others contrade until catching up odierna the extension of 50 hectares. Cultivar the dominant is exactly the " Biancolilla ", to which a 10% approximately of " Nocellara of the Belice " join. The collection of the olives happens directly from the plant for " sfilatura by hand " and it is carried out for all the month of November when the color of the olives passes from the green the black one. The fruits, collected to the mattino come moliti in same evening in the frantoio of the Company in such way to transmit their freschezza to the oil that

they will produce. Oil that comes bottled integrally leaving unchanged all its characteristics cosi. Low temperature, soft pressure and absolute hygiene make the rest giving life to an oil with all the attributes from " supremacy of the quality ". Its opaque green color with golden venature is born from the choice of the olives that collections at the just moment gives a extremely delicate oil, with excellent aromatic notes that ne exalt the scent and the sapore. Adapted to all the kitchen uses you will be able to appreciate to the best its pregi also gustandolo " raw " on the still warm bread. The Company Agricola Manzella and Iannello produces, moreover, extra oil vergine of olive, coming from from the own olive groves to biological cultivation controlled and certifyd from the CODEX limited liability company, on authorization of the Ministry of the Agricultural Resources and from the Coordination Sicialian Biological Agriculture on the base of disciplining of associative production and with cycle of working and suitable qualitative controls for the biological production. The production from the ' 97 to new evidence of a continuous optimization of the product comes carried out in totally biological way. The Company comes continuation from the Councillorship Agriculture and forestry, detachment of Mezzojuso (Palermo).