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A little bit of history

Storia del olio di oliva

The great doctors of the antiquity Ippocrate and Galeno recognized to the olive oil a sure terapeutico value. In the course of the following centuries, it has been more and more appreciated and in the last few decades medical science has been able to confirm how much the Mediterranean civilization had handed on in the millenia. In the past it was custom to cospargere the sick part of the body with olive oil in order to reorganize the epidermide after ustioni, contusioni, lesions, cracks. Widely used for every shape of pain to articulate, the oil represented the indispensable support for the attivita one of the massaggiatori of the age.

    The Roman they distinguished five types of olive oil:
  • oleum ex albis ulivis: it was the more valuable oil, above all for the pleasing sapore bruschetto of olive. Viraggio of color was obtained from olives to invaiatura (viraggio di colore) yellow, that is with color of the fruits from the green to the clear green;
  • oleum viride strictivum: obtained in December-January from invaiate olives, used for ungersi the body daily;
  • oleum maturum: obtained from black olives;
  • oleum caducum, romanicum o commune: obtained from fallen olives;
  • oleum cibarium: obtained from worm-eaten olives, or a lot smeared of earth or held piled up for many days. This oil was destined to the slaves.